Metropole is an innovative and flexible organization highly esteemed in the music and events industry, now embarking on a new journey.

Under the umbrella of Metropole, we have established two new teams: Talent and Live.

Metropole Talent is our division for artist booking and management. Our team always goes the extra mile for our clients, ensuring the spotlight is always on their talent. We provide a bespoke service so our clients can focus on what they do best.
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Gordo with Drake

Gordo with Drake

(c) 2022 Gordo

Gordo produced six tracks on Honestly, Nevermind by Drake.

Metropole Live, on the other hand, is focused on artist touring and festivals. We organize and curate unforgettable live experiences, tailored to our clients' individual needs.
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Rather than aiming to be the largest music organization, we strive to be the best at what we do to leave a lasting legacy: to provide a platform for talented artists and unforgettable live experiences.

Our expertise isn't just limited to electronic music but extends to hip-hop, commercial, and live music, in which we carefully curate select artists to give them the attention they deserve.

Keanu Reeves on the The Matrix Resurrections

Marcel Dettmann on The Matrix Resurrections soundtrack: "a huge accomplishment, honour and calling".

Photograph courtesy Warner Bros.

How did this project come about?

Marcel Dettmann: Tom Tykwer is a good friend of mine, and a familiar face at Klubnacht. He introduced me to Lana Wachowski some years ago when she was in Berghain to celebrate during a city visit, so there was a personal foundation already. When they started shooting at the Babelsberg film studios outside Berlin I drove down and visited them on set, we got talking again, soon discussing music, the soundtrack, score… Finally I got asked by Lana if I would like to join the project, being part of the sound process, which I had not seen coming but was very thrilled about and of course said yes. Tom and Johnny Klimek handled the leading role of the score, my part was to bring in myself and my approach to sound.

Was there a specific brief for your remix? What did you use as inspiration?

MD: I was able to pick a track from the score and went for the final motif, I liked its emotionality a lot. There weren't any guidelines for the direction, so I somehow pumped it up, elevated it to a club music tableau and reimagined it in a bit more club-friendly context. Overall it's very much pads-led, soulful-sounding, maybe almost sacral. The film and its story are the inspiration in this case. The message of The Matrix was always that, despite all misery and subjection, there's always hope for humankind. I think my remix is in line with this message.

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Metropole is an innovative and flexible organization highly esteemed in the music and events industry. We are embarking on a new journey, with the aim to provide a platform for talented artists and unforgettable live experiences. We believe in nurturing creativity, talent, and passion to make a lasting impression in the music and events industry.


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