Metropole Talent Welcomes Gina Jeanz

"Metropole Talent is proud to welcome a new talent to the music industry, the highly-regarded producer, DJ, and composer, Gina Jeanz. Born and raised in Namibia and now based in Zurich, Switzerland, Gina has demonstrated her impressive abilities and is making a significant impact in the industry.


During the pandemic, she collaborated with Red Bull on their 'Made In 72 Hours' project and released two EPs, 'Rhythm Chronicles' and 'Motion'. Her debut album, 'Lucid Theory,' arrived in December and showcases her exceptional production and music-making skills. Not only is Gina praised for her impressive DJ sets, but also for her dedication to uplifting and empowering women in the African music scene.

With her captivating performances at festivals such as Afropunk, Boiler Room, RedBull Music Festival, and Rocking The Daisies, Gina is destined for success in the music industry. We are proud to have such an incredible woman on our roster. #MetropoleTalent #GinaJeanz #HighlyRegarded #DJ #Producer #Composer #IncredibleWomen."

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