Henry Brooks

Since his debut as a DJ in 2016, Brooks has been captivating audiences for over seven years, continuously honing his craft with unwavering dedication. His journey has been marked by stellar performances at Detroit’s iconic Movement Festival where he has graced the stage in both 2022 and 2023, with his most recent set at the Underground Stage leaving an indelible mark on the festival's storied history. 

Notably, Brooks has become a core artist in Richie Hawtin's groundbreaking "From Our Minds" tour and events, and has also forged strong ties with Charlotte De Witte and her acclaimed KNTXT event series. In May of 2023, Brooks made his mark in Europe by closing the basement at the iconic Tresor Berlin during his first European tour, solidifying his status as one of the next global techno sensations. 

Recognized by Paxahau as one of “Detroit's Next Generation of Techno Artists”, Henry Brooks' ability to mesmerize a crowd is no accident; he draws parallels between the transcendental state he and his audience experience while he's behind the decks and his own spiritual practices. His DJ sets traverse a spectrum of styles, from driving, high-intensity techno to deep, intricate rhythms and melodies.

As both a DJ and a producer, Brooks seamlessly combines the visceral and otherworldly aspects of dance music while remaining on the cutting edge of today's techno vanguard. He remains committed to the foundations of classical techno while constantly pushing the envelope towards the future, blurring the lines between hypnotic, industrial, and hardgroove techno. He draws inspiration from the classics like Jeff Mills and contemporary techno artists, all while staying true to his unique artistic expression, evident in every original release and electrifying club performance.

Henry Brooks' sonic explorations have taken him to many places including Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Phoenix, Boston, and Calgary, as well as prominent cities in Europe such as Berlin, Stuttgart, Košice, and Manchester. With a release on the prestigious American-based label Crisis of Man and a slew of new productions in the pipeline, Brooks is set to make an even more significant impact on the techno scene in the near future. His relentless pursuit of techno excellence and unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries ensure that he will continue to captivate audiences and leave a lasting mark on dance music.

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